Cracker Images Presents Bhai Dooj 2018: History And Significance

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Cracker Images Presents Bhai Dooj 2018: History And Significance: Bhai Dooj is an unmistakable Hindu celebration when ladies go to the Gods for long and prosperous lives for their siblings. It is commended two days after the mainstream celebration of Diwali. This year, Bhai Dooj will be commended on October 21.

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It is known by different names in various parts of the nation like Bhau Beej, Bhai Teeka or Bhai Phota. The celebration is fundamentally the same as Raksha Bandhan, as it the affection between a sibling and sister.

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On this day, ladies welcome their siblings home and apply ‘teeka’ or ’tilak’ on their temples and offer petitions to the Gods and the siblings present their sisters with blessings consequently.

Folklore is isolated on the beginnings of Bhai Dooj. As per a few, Yamraj, the God of Death, visited his sister on this day. His sister, Yami who is otherwise called Yamuna, invited him with an aarti, and subsequent to applying tilak on his brow, offered him desserts. Consequently, he gave her a blessing that implied his adoration and warmth towards her.

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Moved by his sister’s affection, Yamraj announced that any sibling who might get an aarti and tilak from his sister on this day ought to never fear demise.

This story is likewise the explanation for the celebration being called Yama Dwitiya in a few sections of the nation.

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Bhai Dooj is additionally called ‘Yama Dwiteeya’ as it’s trusted that on this day, Yamaraj, the Lord of Death and the Custodian of Hell, visits his sister Yami, who puts the promising imprint on his temple and appeals to God for his prosperity. So it’s held that any individual who gets a tilak from his sister on this day could never be heaved into hellfire.

As per one legend, on this day, Lord Krishna, in the wake of killing the Narakasura devil, goes to his sister Subhadra who invites him with the blessed light, blooms, and desserts and puts the heavenly defensive spot on her sibling’s brow.

Amazingly, one more story behind the source of Bhai Dooj says that when Mahavir, the organizer of Jainism, achieved nirvana, his sibling King Nandivardhan was upset since he missed him and was support by his sister Sudarshana. From that point forward, ladies have been respected amid Bhai Dooj.


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